This post is related to HyperTrader 2.0 only. HyperTrader 1.0 has high reputation so this warning does not show up on windows. HyperTrader 2.0 is new and takes time to build reputation with Widows smartscreener.

Some Windows 10 users see the following screen when installing HyperTrader 2.0. If you click on the More info on this screen, you will see that Microsoft is able to identify HyperLinq Inc as the publisher of the software. Once you are on the more info screen, you can go ahead and install the app.

So why does this happen?

SmartScreen’s Application Reputation engine looks at whether software has been blacklisted or whitelisted. It evaluates whether the software has been previously encountered by checking a large database of code that has been encountered and collected from telemetry capabilities that users have enabled on Windows machines. New code that has not been digitally signed using an Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificate will alert the end user that the software has not established a reputation (i.e. not commonly downloaded from the Internet). In Windows 8 with SmartScreen® code that is signed with an EV Code Signing Certificate receives a higher initial reputation score.

However, a warning appears if the software has been signed with a regular code signing certificate where the author or publisher has not yet established a reputation of trust. (Only Authenticode Certificates issued by a CA that is a member of the Windows Root Certificate Program can establish reputation.) As the software or its publisher gains a better reputation, the likelihood of a warning diminishes. Reputation for unsigned software is based on fingerprints while reputation based on signed software is based on the associated code signing certificate and the reputation of the CA that issued the code signing certificate.

HyperTrader 2.0 is signed with a Regular Code Signing Certificate hence the initial reputation is low. If you install HyperTrader 1.0, it has a high reputation because we sign it with EV Code Signing Certificate.
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