On HyperTrader app trade screen, you’ll see your account balance on the top right corner of the screen (see image below). In that corner, you can see the portfolio value in Fiat terms as well as in terms of BTC. The same can be seen on your portfolio screen as well.

So here’s what it means:

What is my total portfolio value?
The value of your total portfolio is the combined value of all the assets you own for any particular account. For example, if you currently own 1 ETH, 0.1 BTC, and 10 LUNA. Let’s assume current market prices of these assets are

1 ETH = $1000
1 BTC = $10,000
1 LUNA = $100

So, first of all, HyperTrader gets the BTC equivalent value of these assets. In that case, considering the current market we assumed above, the BTC equivalent value of these assets will be:

1 ETH = 0.1 BTC
1 BTC = 1 BTC
1 LUNA = 0.01 BTC

In the above case, your portfolio value in BTC will be: 0.1 + 1 + 0.01 = 1.11 BTC

It’s also worth mentioning it doesn’t necessarily mean that the assets you own also include Bitcoin. In essence, it just stands for your total portfolio value in terms of BTC equivalent value.

Now, coming to the fiat value of your portfolio:

For the fiat equivalent value of your portfolio, HyperTrader converts the BTC equivalent value first to USD using the weighted average price of BTC across a range of exchanges. In the next step, HyperTrader converts the USD equivalent of your portfolio into the choice of your fiat currency (Euro, INR, Pound, etc).

Again, it’s worth noting that all these conversions happen with real-time aggregation of data from multiple sources resulting in a fair calculation of your portfolio value.
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