You can add multiple alerts on one chart. There is no limit to the number of alerts you can set.

Set a new price alert

To set a new price alert, right click on the chart and select New Price Alert

Once you click on that, you will see a draft marker on the chart. Simply click on it and drag up or down to set the price.

Change an alert price

To change the price at which the alert should trigger, simply drag it up or down.

Delete a price alert

To delete a price, click on the X button of the alert marker on the chart

Show/ hide a price alert

Right click on the charts and click on show/ hide price alerts. You can also show hide different parts of the alert markers on the chart. These settings are global, it applies to all your charts. So if you do not see your alerts on the chart, probably you have turned them off.

See and manage all price alerts

You can also see the list of all your price alerts on the left of the charts. You can delete your price alerts from this list as well.

See all price alert logs

We show last 50 alerts in the left side of the charts.

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