This only applies to HyperTrader 2.0.

We can all agree that managing your crypto portfolio can be a challenging task for both beginners and experienced traders without the proper cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. Instead of trying to haggle with complex solutions, there are ways to manage your assets in a more holistic way. By creating a portfolio with HyperTrader, you can easily allocate, track and display your crypto holdings in a single view.

For example, if I am a hedge fund manager, dealing with multiple accounts, it would be frustrating to manage all the different accounts since everything is scattered. In this scenario, I can simply connect all my accounts to HyperTrader (click here to learn how to connect multiple portfolios) and have a single tracking view. This makes my life easier since I get rid of having multiple applications for each account and it reduces operational risk and increases workflow efficiencies.

In V2, we offer a consolidated view of your potfolio asset distribution by displaying it visually in a pie chart. This view gives you a visual breakdown of all your assets as well as a percentage value of your asset breakdown, see below:

In additon to the pie chart, we also offer a performance chart which monitors the growth of your portfolio, see below:

While we provide several visual representations of your portfolio, we also provide a consolidated view of your assets and a table that lays out relevant information regarding your assets see below:

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