How to I place an order in HyperTrader?

To place an order, select the 'Buy/Sell' button.

Once selected, the order form will appear. From here you determine the direction you want (buy or sell), then the order type (click here to learn more), the price (only if it is limit order or stop-limit order) and the size.

Once you are done filling out the fields, you press the buy or sell button and your order will be placed in the market.

How to cancel my order in HyperTrader?

There are two ways to cancel your order. First way is to go to the order tab, bottom middle:

and then press the 'cancel' button on the order you want canceled, see below:

The second way to cancel your existing order is by canceling directly from the chart by clicking the 'x' next to the buy or sell order indicator, see below:

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