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Released on: 03 July 2020

New: Privacy controls.
New: Option to keep you logged in - off by default.
Fixed: Aggregate partial fills.
Fixed: In trade history export, price precision for some pairs was wrong.

Released on: 27 June 2020

Various bug fixes.

Released on: 26 June 2020

New: BE set date for all pairs.
New: BE set today as default for one or many pairs.
New: Click on BE indicator to pre-fill order form.
New: PnL on trade screen based on breakeven start date.
Change: Performance improvements.
Change: Design & Theme color changes.
Change: Trades before BE start date hidden on charts by default. Override it in chart preferences if needed.

Released on: 14 June 2020

New: Auto save every 5 secs for charts is enabled.
New: New toggle control for cancel-all-order button.
Change: Show hide panel buttons are moved to the top of respective panels.
Fixed: Drawing disappears when changing interval.
Fixed: Drawing disappears when zooming in or out on charts.
Fixed: Drawing sometimes doesn't load from the layouts.

Released on: 11 June 2020

New: Delete all orders based on filters from the open orders tab.
New: Delete all open orders from the right click menu on the charts.
New: Delete all alerts in one click.
New: Clear all alert logs in one click.
New: Copy historical trades to create new order.
New: Copy any text from the app.
New: Show or hide position size in Breakeven indicator.
New: Additional chart preferences for Breakeven and price alerts.

Released on: 08 June 2020

Show or hide open orders, trade history, breakeven and alerts on charts right from the status bar.
Globally turn on or off the notifications from the status bar.
Added the ability to hide line extensions on open order indicators.
Fixed an issue that prevented last saved chart type from loading by default.

Released on: 07 June 2020

Added PnL Analysis feature in reporting module.
Added the ability to view all historical trades and export it to a CSV file.
Portfolio view will now open with last selected account from the trade screen.
Breakeven indicator on the chart is moved to the left side of the chart.
Breakeven indicator now shows open position quantity.
Fixed the issue where order form would not open when right click new order on charts.
Price alert marker is moved to the left side of the chart.
Fixed the issue where price alert notification would open for incorrect interval.

Released on: 26 May 2020

Added chart snapshot capabilities and sharing options.
Added scroll bar to the fiat currency selector in the portfolio.
Fixed an issue where updating the API keys would not take effect until app is restarted.

Released on: 24 May 2020

Fixed an issue that caused incomplete trade history on Coinbase Pro.
Fixed an issue with custom URI where some external links would not trigger correct chart intervals.
Various other minor bug fixes.

Released on: 23 May 2020

KuCoin is now live! Supported order types - Market, Limit, Stop Limit, Ladder Limit.
Ladder Limit now supported for Coinbase Pro and Prime.

Released on: 19 May 2020

Empty bars in the charts will be painted for pairs where the trade activity is not available after the interval expires. Hopefully this will help to eliminate the issue where chart seems to be frozen for low trade activity pairs on Binance.
Fixed an issue where quickly switching between charts and portfolio would crash the app.
Fixed an issue where sometimes for partial trades open order marker for remaining size disappears from the charts.
Fixed an issue where app would crash sometimes when clicked on open partial orders.
Fixed an issue where size is not updated in open orders for partial trades.
Fixed an issue where timezone for chart was incorrect for some users.
Fixed an issue where timezone from the chart layout would not load.

Released on: 17 May 2020

Some users reported chart freeze issue for some pairs on some intervals. We are unable to reproduce this issue on our side. Hence it is very difficult to debug. This update has some changes in the hope that it will fix the issue. We request users who have chart freeze problem to test this build and report any issues found.

Released on: 17 May 2020

Coinbase Pro and Prime charts now load 10x faster.

Released on: 16 May 2020

Fixed an issue with 3m chart freeze for Binance Spot.
Fixed an issue with chart update for Binance Futures.
Fixed an issue where click on hotlist won't load the charts sometimes.
Improved and faster chart data for Binance and now it matches with the update frequency of the public trade history.

Released on: 15 May 2020

Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Prime trading is live! Currently supports Market, Limit and Stop Limit orders. Moe order types coming soon. trading is live!
Open orders and fills are moved to the right panel so you can monitor them while on the charts. No more switching between open orders and the charts.
Open orders and trades show data for all accounts from all exchanges. You can now filter them by account or search for the pair you need.
UI changes on the left panel. The controls for orderbook, favorites, hotlist and alerts have been moved up for easy access.
Chart header control panel will now be visible in fullscreen mode.

Released on: 10 May 2020

Fixed an issue where sometimes orders and trades from Binance would not update on time for some users.

Released on: 4 May 2020

Now you can hide account balance and wallet balance independent of each other.
Fixed the issue where fee for partial trades was shown incorrectly.

Released on: 3 May 2020

Fixed an UI issue with ladder order markers and the order form.

Released on: 2 May 2020

Ladder limit orders are here! Currently only supports linear scale. More scales coming in future updates.

Released on: 28 April 2020

Right click on the chart to set a start date for breakeven indicator.
All show/ hide options for open order, trades, price alert, and breakeven indicators have been moved to Settings > Chart Preferences. The chart right click context menu will be used only for high priority actions.

Released on: 27 April 2020

Break-even indicator on charts is here! You must read the FAQs >.
New 3 day time interval for Binance charts.
Fixed a bug where favorites icon won't highlight in the hotlist when marking favorites.

Released on: 25 April 2020

Various minor bug fixes

Released on: 24 April 2020

Fixed an issue where app becomes unresponsive if Binance goes down. If Binance goes down for whatever reason, you will be still be able to work on other supported exchanges.

Released on: 23 April 2020

All partial trades which belongs to the same order will be shown as aggregated trades.
Fixed the issue where portfolio performance value may show zero in some cases.
Fixed issue where submitting a referral code was failing for some new users.

Released on: 23 April 2020

Fixed issue where users were not able to login right after logout without a restart.
Fixed issue where sometimes orderbook and ticker data would not load after chart load.
Fixed issue where sometimes trade markers were not visible on chart.

Released on: 21 April 2020

Tabs are back! It is user preference based. By default it is turned off. To enable them, go to settings > preferences > enable tabs.
If you resize the app, it will remember the size on relaunch.
Fixed the issue where shortcut keys were globally registered instead of working only in the app.
Fixed the issue where the total for OCO orders is incorrectly displayed on the charts for draft orders.

Released on: 19 April 2020

New chart type: High-Low.
Portfolio values are now BTC based instead of Fiat.
Portfolio is now updated real-time i.e. every second.
Portfolio performance is BTC value based. Previous portfolio performance data may be reset.
Account balance is now shown on the trade screen with real-time updates.
Now you can search, sort and filter your favorites.
Authentication while app launch now is 2x faster.
New keyboard shortcut: Use Shift + Left Arrow and Shift + Right Arrow to show and hide left and right panels on trade screen.
Fixed the issue where value for some coins would not appear in the portfolio.
Fixed the issue where click on certain notifications would not open charts correctly.
Fixed the issue where click on alert logs would not open charts.

Released on: 15 April 2020

Temporary change - alternate Binance connectivity. When Binance DNS issue is fixed, we will send another app update to revert this change.

Released on: 14 April 2020

Charting for Binance Futures. Trading coming soon.
Fixed price alert marker disappearance.
Fixed trade history markers issue when changing chart interval.
Fixed app crash issue when changing chart splits.
Fixed hot search pair sorting in the charts.

Released on: 12 April 2020

Brand new charts that are more nimble now.
Charts load 5x faster.
App launches 7x faster.
Chart customization.
Save chart layouts.
A new way to load up trading pairs in charts.
Multiple trading pairs on split charts.
Date range feature to jump charts to specific date and time.
New ways to manage favorites.
Hotlist to screen specific exchanges.
Exchange connectivity is more reliable.
Fixed chart freeze issue.
Fixed orderbook freeze issue.
Fixed app connectivity auto-recovery.
Fixed chart loading issues.
Fixed chart timezone issue.
Fixed order marker disappearance issue.

Released on: 1 April 2020

Changes in referral program

Released on: 27 Mar 2020

Fixed draft OCO marker total.
Fixed chart look and feel issue on light theme.
Various other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Released on: 24 Mar 2020

Right click on chart to put OCO orders.
Improved chart markers for OCO orders.
Fixed insufficient balance issue while modifying live buy orders.
Fixed the decimal value in the balances shown in order entry form.

Released on: 22 Mar 2020

OCO is here! Remember, it is in beta. OCO from chart coming soon.

Released on: 19 Mar 2020

Drag live order to modify.
Drag live stops to modify.
Fiat equivalent shown for total in order entry form.
Corrected the position of stop markers for right click stop limit orders.
Click on order book picks price and creates draft orders.
Total value is now available in orders and trades tabs.
App will remember your preference of show or hide of the right and the left panel in trade view.
App will remember your last selected exchange in Select Market dropdown.
Trades tab will show all current trades for a selected account irrespective of what trading pair is active. Trade tab does not show historical data. Historical trades will be part of reporting feature which is coming in May 2020.
Various UI bug fixes and improvements.

Released on: 17 Mar 2020

Various bug fixes.
Fixed a bug where some Windows user were not able to use shortcut or right click to paste data.

Released on: 17 Mar 2020

Overall performance improvements. Upto 3x faster. 50% reduction in CPU usage and 75% reduction in memory usage.
Now charts will load in an instant when switching between charts, orders and trade tabs.
Chart freezing issue seems like TradingView charting library issue but we are trying a workaround in this update. Let us know if you see chart freezing issue again.
Fixed the issue where some drawings on chart would not save. If you see a particular scenario where drawings/ annotations are not getting saved, please raise a bug with detailed steps to reproduce the issue. You can click on the bug icon on the status bar to report the issue.

Released on: 16 Mar 2020

Reverting update 26.

Released on: 16 Mar 2020

Performance improvements.

Released on: 15 Mar 2020

One click top bid/ ask price and last trade price to fill in the order entry form.
Right click on chart to put new orders. You can now place limit, stop loss and take profit orders.
Alerts will now set where you right click on the chart. You can still adjust price by draging the alert marker up or down.
Various bug fixes.
Many performance improvements.

Released on: 15 Mar 2020

Bug fixes.
Performance improvement.

Released on: 14 Mar 2020

New design and layout for order entry form.
Order entry form now sits on the right side of the charts.
New dropper tool pick price from the chart, order book & trade history to fill in order entry form.
Draft order marker on the chart.
Drag draft order marker update price in the order entry form.
Lock on total amount in order entry form.
Custom % for amount in order entry form.
Amount % selector in order entry form for market orders.
Stepper tool for precise price and amount change in order entry form.
Available, reserved and total balance now show in the order entry form.
Hide wallet balance in the order entry form.
Show hide left and right panel from the status bar.
New red and green colors for better contrast and visibility.
Active open tab is prominently visible on the top panel.
Chart marker for buy trades is now more visible with a new blue color.
Ability to disable buy or sell trade notifications.
Fixed issue with websocket connectivity for missed data.
Performance improvements.

Released on: 7 Mar 2020

Tabs on the top will work as just open tabs.
Favorites moved to the left to the chart.
Ability to show/ hide open order marker's title, body and cancel buttons on the chart.
Ability to show/ hide trade marker's price on the chart.
Notification sound control on the status bar. Default set to 50% volume.
Click on wallet icon to show hide account balance on the trade screen.
Price alert logs - last 50.
List of active price alerts.
Fixed the transparency issue in charts for light theme.
4m and 10m interval for charts.
Left panel collapse button is moved to the bottom

Released on: 3 Mar 2020

Adjust font size for chart markers

Released on: 3 Mar 2020

All system notifications are clickable.
Preferences for enable and disable certain notifications. Learn more >.
Hide price alerts.
Improved visibility of gridlines and crosshair in charts.
Increased font size for the price axis on the charts.

Released on: 2 Mar 2020

Price alerts. No limits on how many!
Logout option in the status bar.
Various bug fixes.

Released on: 28 Feb 2020

Fixed chart loading issue for 1D charts.
Fixed 1h chart loading issue for custom URI.
Improved contrast for inactive and active tabs.
Improved contrast for chart gridlines.

Released on: 28 Feb 2020

Different sounds for various types of notifications. As of now, there is no choice of what sound you want. In the future, we will give an option to pick sounds from a list of sounds.
Portfolio to show in-order amount.
Custom URI scheme to load charts from external sources.
Bug fix for app reload while loading chart for certain trading pairs.

Released on: 24 Feb 2020

Bug fixes.

Released on: 24 Feb 2020

Bug fixes.

Released on: 24 Feb 2020

Notification bubbles on Orders and Trade tabs.
Design changes to order markers.
Separate chart marker for Stop prices.
Bug fixes.

Released on: 23 Feb 2020

Clicking on the chart now fills price in the order form.
Clicking on rows in Orders and Trade tabs will now open the charts.
Various bug fixes.
Performance improvements.

Released on: 23 Feb 2020

Various bug fixes.

Released on: 22 Feb 2020

Stop limit orders - stop loss and take profit for BinanceJE and BinanceUS.

Released on: 22 Feb 2020

Stop limit orders - stop loss and take profit for Binance.

Released on: 21 Feb 2020

Price line is now more visible.
Sorting is available in the select market list.
24h volume, high and low is now available on top of the chart.

Released on: 21 Feb 2020

Performance improvements.

Released on: 21 Feb 2020

Too many bug fixes.

Released on: 20 Feb 2020

Changed the auto update feature. Now you will see a download icon on the status bar when new update is available. App will check for updates at regular intervals instead of only at start. When clicked on Install and Restart button, the app will shut down, install the update and then come back up again.
Fixed a bug where some users were getting time sync issue while adding exchange accounts.

Released on: 20 Feb 2020

Open order markers on the orderbook.
Trade markers on the charts.

Released on: 19 Feb 2020

Design changes.

Released on: 18 Feb 2020

Chart markers for open orders.
Fixed orderbook update issue.
Fixed Insufficient balance error while placing order.

Released on: 17 Feb 2020

Chart states now is managed by the app.
Right click to paste.

Released on: 15 Feb 2020

Dark and light theme.
Binance trading - limit and market orders only.
Multi-account support.
Crypto screener.
Aggregated news.
Charting - Binance, Binance JE, Binance US, Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Prime, BTC Markets, Kucoin.
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