Upgrading KuCoin API

KuCoin has recently upgraded its API keys to version 2.0. With this upgrade in place, KuCoin users need to create a new API key of version 2.0 and delete the earlier version. So here’s how you can do it these simple steps:

1.) Visit KuCoin.com on your PC/Mac and head to API Management by clicking on user profile on top right corner

2.) Once you’re on the API Management page, delete all the APIs you’ve already created.

3.) Now, create a new API by filling in required details and click on the Next button. Make sure to check the Trade box so that you can trade on HyperTrader with your KuCoin account.

4.) Now fill in details such as your trading password, email verification code and 2FA code.

5.) Voila! You’ve created a new API, now just copy and paste the key and secret phase to your HyperTrader account.

Click here to learn how to add API Keys to HyperTrader
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