Download the app by going to our download page and click on the button relevant to your operating system.

Click here to go to download page


Edge browser

When you click on Download for Windows button, you will get an option to save or run. Simply click on the run button and once downloaded, installer will automatically install HyperTerminal. It takes less than a minute to install.

Chrome or other browsers

Click on the download for windows button and wait for download to complete. Go to downloads folder and double click on the installer. It will automatically install in less than a minute.


Click on Download for Mac button to download the DMG file. Once file is downloaded, it usually auto mounts and you opens you a window which shows you the app icon and the Application folder. Simply drag the HyperTerminal app icon to application folder and you are good to go.

If the DMG file doesn't mount automatically, go to download folder and double on the DMG file.


We ship HyperTraderâ„¢ as an AppImage for Linux machines. One file for one app to run on all kinds of Linux systems. For detailed instructions, click here.
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