HyperTrader 1.0

We do not store your API keys on our servers. In fact you can add API keys while being offline.

If you are using the HyperLinq apps to trade in any particular exchange, you need to add API keys for that exchange. When you add your private API keys -

on macOS the keys are managed by the Keychain.
on Linux they are managed by the libsecret (Secret Service API).
on Windows they are managed by Credential Vault.

These stored keys are highly encrypted and can only be accessed via HyperLinq apps.

HyperTrader 2.0

We store your API keys on our server with two levels of encryption - In-transit and At-rest. Our databases run on virtual private clouds and has no connectivity with the external world except our app. All communication between our app and the database is signed and encrypted.

The reason we store the API keys on our server in v2.0 is because we want to support automated trading. Automated trading can't be reliably done unless the orders are executed at our end.

How to secure API keys?

There are many ways to secure your API keys but it starts with some basics

If you don't trust an app, don't put your API keys in the app.
Set proper permissions at your exchange. You should never set withdrawal permissions if you are using a third party trading or tracking app.
If you want to be extra cautious, you should set IP limitations to your keys.

If you are concerned about HyperLinq storing your API keys on servers, use HyperTrader 1.0. It is a serverless app and has no backend at HyperLinq. It stores your API keys locally.

If you want advance features, use HyperTrader 2.0 but it stores keys on our servers.
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