How do I add API keys?

If you are a new user, you will go through a user walkthrough and have the opportunity to add your API keys, see below:

If you did not add your API keys during the walkthrough, you can also add them by clicking the 'Portfolio tab and selecting the 'Add API Key' button, see below:

Another option is to simply go to the setting tab and then selecting the API Keys tab and adding your API Keys, see below:

How do I edit or delete the API keys?

For v2 we store your API keys on our server with two levels of encryption - In-transit and At-rest. You can delete an API key for an exchange by going to API Key Manager in HyperTraderâ„¢. Go to left-hand side toolbar and click on the gear icon. Select API Keys and then select the exchange you want to edit/ delete the key. There are two action buttons - Edit & Delete. Key Manager works similarly on both Windows and macOS.

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