Creating API for Binance Futures is quite a simple process. All you need to do is create API from your Binance account while making sure that API restrictions are enabled for Future Trading as well. So here are simple steps to follow:

1.) First of all, login to your Binance account and head to API Managemen upon clicking on your profile from the top right corner.

2.) Now, label the new API and click on Create API:

3.) Once you’re created API, make sure to enable Future Trading:

4.) Once done, note down the API and Secert Key as you will need it for HyperTrader. Note: Secert Key will disappear so please note that down before leaving the page.

Now that your API Keys have been generated, we can move forward to setting up your account in HyperTrader.

Click here to learn how to add API Keys to HyperTrader

Click here to learn how to remove API Keys from HyperTrader
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