Since we don't use any web servers to store your API keys, we can't manage your API keys for you. API keys on one machine don't sync with HyperTrader™ on another machine even if you log in using the same credential. It needs to be added/ edited/ deleted on each of these machines individually. Only HyperTrader™ or a PC/ Mac owner/ administrator can manage these API keys.

In this post, we explain you the steps to add the API keys. API keys are essential to trading and portfolio management on HyperTrader™.

Click on the Settings icon on the right-hand toolbar and you will see settings panel. Go to API keys management. Click on the add button for corresponding exchange. Fill in the details and click on submit.

To edit, simply click on the edit button. To delete, click on the delete button.

We do not store your API keys on our servers. In fact you can add API keys while being offline.

If you are using the HyperLinq apps to trade in any particular exchange, you need to add API keys for that exchange. When you add your private API keys -

  • on macOS the keys are managed by the Keychain.
  • on Linux they are managed by the libsecret (Secret Service API).
  • on Windows they are managed by Credential Vault.

These stored keys are highly encrypted and can only be accessed via HyperLinq apps.

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